Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kotur Inspired DIY Floral Clutch

I saw this floral clutch by Kotur and thought it was so pretty!  However, since I will probably never (ever, ever) shell out $850 for a purse, I decided to try and make a version of my own.  It was super easy, and I'm really happy with how it turned out.  To make your own, you will need:

  • Small clutch
  • Silk flowers
  • Hot glue gun
Simply pop the heads off the flower stems, trimming any excess plastic that will prevent the bloom from laying flat.

Arrange your flowers, and then glue them on with the hot glue gun!  
Bracelet: Kate Spade; Dress: Lauren Conrad; Clutch: Apt 9 (with my own additions)

So simple!  Totally doable :)  I brought mine to a wedding and it was perfect!


  1. it's adorable !!!


  2. Oh gosh I loved this when i first saw it on instagram! This is beautiful.

    xo erica

  3. Such a fun idea! I have never seen a clutch like this. So impressive you made you own to replicate such an expensive piece and now it will have such meaning to you because you did

  4. Oh, it's amazing, believe me:))) Well done, dear! I'd love to a such thing too! Such a great post turned out, I enjoyed it very much!

  5. Beautiful! Clutches are really a fun and fashionable accessory when women have to carry extra items but do not feel the need of a big purse. Classic Insurance


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