Friday, July 6, 2012

Office Space

Our office (among many other areas of the house) is in need of a face lift.  Recently, I took one step in that direction by getting a new rug for the room.

Our old rug was scratchy, a bit too big for the space, seriously stained (Inga hit it right away as a tiny puppy), and just kind of dull. 
The new rug, from IKEA, is low pile but plush, and carries the color scheme that we seem to gravitate toward into yet another room of our home.
Close up of the pattern on the rug
Now, we just need to do something about the paneling... and the curtains... and the floor... :)


  1. Love the rug! Our office space is terrible! Extremely messy. My husband and I share the space and I think my side is actually the worst.


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    1. Ours is such a disaster, too! I tidied up for the picture, but oof! We need to seriously organize!

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