Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dirty Little Secrets

I spend a great deal of time posting the crafts I do and delicious recipes on this blog.  However, I have a confession to make:  I do not always make amazing meals.  I do not always have a fun project to work on.  Sometimes, I sit around watching Netflix and eating microwaveable popcorn for dinner.

So, on the days that I feel especially lazy and not at all like Suzy Homemaker, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Trick #1: Macaroni and Cheese.

Instead of just a plain box of mac and cheese, I make mine with fat free plain yogurt instead of milk.  It makes it feel a little more grown up and a little less lazy :)  Add the butter (2 tablespoons) and cheese powder like usual.  Then just add the yogurt by the spoonful until the consistency is to your liking!  Bonus points for adding bacon bits or some cooked veggies.

Trick #2: Dust

Whenever I lack the time (energy, motivation) to clean the whole house, I dust.  Cleaning the surfaces and clearing away piles on the table tops does SO much to make a house look clean.  In fact, just the other week I only dusted.  John came home and assumed I had cleaned from top to bottom!  (Another neat trick on the dusting line: dust a lampshade using a lint brush roller.)

Trick #3: Salad Dressing

Homemade salad dressing was impossible for me to master.  Then, I got a gift that changed everything: an emulsifier!  It whisks your ingredients together to the perfect blend and, best of all, it has the recipes and amounts listed on the side!  I can now make a balsamic vinaigrette, red wine vinaigrette, dijon vinaigrette... the list goes on.  Seriously, get one!

So, there's my list of dirty little secrets :)  Do you have any?


  1. Love these Holly! Sometimes when I'm in a rush I just take a Clorox wipe to the counters and it makes the whole bathroom feel cleaner!! :)

  2. Love these, Holly! You're awesome! :-)

  3. Does adding yogurt make it taste any different?

    1. It does! It gives it a creamier texture and a tangy taste. I think it's delicious :)

  4. I always love me a good bowl of mac n cheese.

    xo erica

  5. Holly, this is an amazing post, and I love your sincerity! I love all your tips, I can be so lazy sometimes, and I could use your recommendations :) Love that emulsifier, never heard of such a thing before. Sounds really fantastic and simple to use!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls


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