Monday, July 11, 2011

Wedding Polish Update

I have chosen and purchased my wedding nail polish!  I decided to do my own nails and in an earlier post, I took suggestions on what to use for colors and brands.  Here is my personal wedding polish collection:

Working from the top coat down, I took CK's advice and went with Seche Vite for the top coat.

She warned about the price, but it really wasn't that bad!  Plus, I've done some practicing with non wedding color and the shine is fantastic.  AND, it helps your nails dry super fast!  No more "oops" smudges.

For my fingers, I chose to go with OPI's Coney Island Cotton Candy.

It looks rather pink, but the sales woman, a former manicurist, told me it looks far less pink when applied.  Apparently, it was her color of choice for french manicures.  Stay tuned to see if I right to take her advice.

For toes, I decided to go ahead and add some color with Revlon's Grape.

It's nice and deep, but not so dark as to look black when applied.

Finally, the base coat is OPI's Natural Nail Base Coat.

This was another suggestion from the saleswoman at Ulta, and when I tried it with cherry red toes for the 4th of July, it worked wonderfully.  I usually have to apply two coats of color to get it a nice even and vibrant application, but the base coat made this unnecessary.

Super excited to put these all together for the big day!  Thanks to everyone for the tips!

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