Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The House

So, the parents and I have done some painting, John and I have moved all of our furniture in, and we've also unloaded a ton of stuff on Bridging, Inc.  And now the house is spic and span so I took some pictures before the law school pile of papers and laptops spread back out over everything.

Here is the living room looking into the dining room before:

And the living room after:

...and the dining room:

 Then, there was the kitchen.  The... purple (?) color that used to cover the entire room before....
and the lovely neutral now :)

The bedroom sans furniture:
And the bedroom with furniture:

We still need to paint over the bedroom walls.  Believe it or not, it's all paneling.  Some of the panels have been painted blue while some of the walls are still the original pattern.  I think this is going to be a spring break project to make the room one color, probably another neutral but darker than the rest of the house.

We also have an office, but it's still the disaster room of the house.  You can't clean up the law school out of your life entirely!


  1. Looks great! Love the chandelier over the dining table and how about that fabulous couch in the bedroom. Where is that from? What is the pattern on the paneling? Are you going to take the paneling out or just paint over? If you take it out it would be cool maybe to save some of the original pattern and frame it for historical sake.

  2. Hi Kristin! Both the chandelier and the couch are from when Granny and Grandpa lived here. They gave me the couch a long time ago- it's a blue crushed velvet that they reupholstered together. John and I might make it our our project sometime down the line.

    The paneling design is little buildings or scenes from around the world... I think. For now we're just painting over it. But the paneling goes into the closet too, so that part will remain untouched. I have a feeling we're going to uncover lots of crazy history here (and maybe some wooden floors too?).


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