Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Life Lately

Snuggles with Inga, Easter egg dying, and my new betta!
Mercifully, April was a far less eventful month than March.  No car accidents, no major turns of a decade... all in all a good month! ;)

We saw winter finally turn to spring here in Minnesota.  One fun thing that happens this time of the year is that loons stop by our lakes for a bit.  They are so neat!!  I hear them calling on my walks with Inga.  I also decided to start trying one new dinner recipe each week from one of our cookbooks.  So far, the results have been great.
Winter one day, spring the next!  So happy the snow is gone!
Walnut lentil burgers
Chicken roulades with glazed carrots
Pork tenderloin with lemon and shallot green beans
Chicken in mustard sauce with beets and goat cheese

What were you up to this month?  Anything new and exciting?


  1. April seems like a great month. Your dog is so cute! And I love the scenery pics! Www.theurbanumbrella.com

    1. Bree, it was beautiful how quickly the weather changed- snow and then it was suddenly gone!


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