Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Strings and Things

Today's post for my week of wrapping focuses on different ways of tying up your gifts with ribbon, string, and homemade bows!

First is one of my favorites- it's super simple, but looks so pretty and has almost limitless variations.

You will need string or twine and a wrapped gift.  Simply wrap your string around the gift several times.

Then, wrap the ends of the string around the center, tying all the loops together in a small knot in both the front and back.

All that's left is to spread the strands apart!  The looser you wrap the string at the beginning, the wider apart the strings will stretch.  I think this looks especially sweet with white string on brown paper packages.

Second is a couldn't-be-easier way to tie a bow.  All you need is ribbon and a package to tie.

Form a peak with the ribbon at the top and center of the gift.

Bring the ends of the ribbon down to the corners of the package, wrapping them around the back.

Thread the ends of the ribbon back through the peak at the top.

Tie your bow, and you're done!

Finally, you can make your own bow!  All you need is scrap book (or any other) paper and tape.

Cut the paper into strips.

Form the strips into loops, securing each loop with tape.

Nestle the loops together, then fan the loops out on each end, keeping the center pinched between your fingers.

Secure the bow by wrapping tape around the center.

You can disguise the tape with another piece of scrapbook paper wrapped around the center.

Then, simply secure the bow to your gift with a tape loop or a piece of double sided tape.

Happy wrapping!!


  1. Going to do all of these!! Thanks for the cute tips! xo

  2. I love the variations on the traditional bows. These are so clever and cute!

  3. So cute, your bows come out perfect!

    xo erica

  4. You are a miracle!
    I'm your new follower. I invite you to my blog, I'll wait
    tini-tani BLOG

  5. Your second bow won't stay tied, am I missing a step?

    1. Hi! Thanks for asking- I might not have been clear about how to tie the bow. You tie it like you're tying your shoes, so you do a little knot first, then make your bow with the two ends. Does that make sense? I hope it's helpful!


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