Saturday, January 8, 2011

Registration Station

I've registered for classes and I've registered to vote, but registering for wedding gifts is so so so much better.

Yesterday, instead of tackling our long to-do lists, John and I decided to go to Macy's and register for our wedding.  This led to Williams Sonoma, which led to Target.  We spent hours registering, and the rest of our to-do lists suffered, but it was well worth it!

We started at Macy's where our new best friend, Nancy, helped get us started.  Scanner in hand we went around the store with our list and zapped what we thought we wanted.  Surprisingly, we had a hard time getting our list up past 14 items.  Even later that night while we were editing our lists online (I added a boat load of Fiestaware serving items- the main reason we chose Macy's), we ended up deleting just about as many items as we added.  However, we were better scanners at the other two stores, with each registry list getting longer than the previous one.

Williams Sonoma basically became a cookbook registry list.  They all looked so amazing!  I mean, The Art of the Cookie?  Come on, who wouldn't want that?  Target was where we got into our groove, zapping items left and right.  Target was also where we completely ran out of steam.  Nancy had advised us to stop when we got cranky, and I could feel my inner toddler coming out to demand nap time and a snack.  So we called it quits and drove home feeling like we had spent thousands of dollars.  There's still a lot to be added, but we have a good start!

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